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The system which obtains reliance and reassurance from patients

Metal Plate
“Patients’ Personal Experience Splint”

Q.What is patients’ personal experience Splint?

A. We temporarily fabricate a major connector of a metal plate with resin and ask patients to experience the difference between a denture covered by health insurance and a metal plate denture.

Q. What kind of advantages are there?

A. In addition to oral explanation by dentists, patients are able to imagine the position and form of metal plate ultimately to be seated in their mouth, and personal experience gives them a sense of relief
When you recommend a metal plate to patients, it is more persuasive for them to experience the difference of thickness, thinness and formation of these two dentures, one covered by health insurance and the other with metal plate.

Q. Please teach us how to use it.

A. We ask patients to try it in their mouth.
In the case patients chose a metal plate denture from the beginning, we ask them to decide the most satisfactory position to put a metal plate denture.
But if it is rather difficult to design what they desire, because of scientific and anatomical reasons, we ask them to decide a next satisfactory position based on diagnosis after explaining it to patients.

Q. Is it a custom-made?

A. Of course, it is.

Delivery is made within three to four days on the receipt of your order.