Denture Set for Comfort

(For an explanation to patients)

Patients can feel and understand comfort of metal
plate by taking and comparing them with others by themselves.

Comparative sample fabricated with resin plate and metal plate
Cobalt-chromium metal plate
Cobalt-chromium ingot 20g
Measuring device
Titanium metal plate
Titanium ingot 10g
Price \43.000(excluding tax)

A comparative sample fabricated with resin plate and metal plate makes patients realize a degree of thinness by touching a difference on the resin plate and metal plate in the palatal region with their fingers. It is more effective at this time to add an explanation that metal is strong enough, though it is thin.

Also, please measure the thickness of a comparative sample fabricated with resin plate and metal plate with a measuring device, and show the division of it to patients, so that they will be able to understand the thinness of metal visually.

Please ask patients to place their hands on the boundary of mucosal surface between resin and metal of a comparative sample. Please put a cotton wool filled with warm water at about 40 ℃,then metal becomes warm quickly, so patients can feel the difference of thermal conduction between metal and resin by themselves. At this time, patients' understanding will be deepened by your explanation that hotness and coldness is an important element of taste.

Please ask patients to take chromium-cobalt plate and titanium plate each in their both hands,and at first make them understand the weight of metal plates. At first,they can realize the lightness of titanium by taking a metal ingot and a titanium ingot, which is identical size, but half of the weight of metal, in their both hands.
In addition to the lightness of titanium, it is more advisable for you to explain that it is an excellent biocompatible material and is used for implant.